Monday, April 4, 2011

True Blessings in Stanger..

This place is really blowing my mind! I can't believe the hospitality that we have been shown and the open hearts of the people here... especially the youth. My heart has really been touched by them... and I want to bring them all back with me!

The youth meeting went even more incredible than we could have even hoped for! It's funny because the whole time God was telling me not to worry about speaking... but I still felt like I had to write down my message... I DIDN'T EVEN USE THEM! It was incredible. God really moved. I prayed and really felt like we should worship God to the song "Our God" by Christ Tomlin. By God's good grace (and after I spent 2 and a half hours making my own video for it...) we got the worship video with lyrics to play on the screen! We played it after my message and it was SOOO powerful. I think I have only cried twice during worship since I have been at YWAM (which usually I get pretty emotional at GVCC) and this was one of them. Watching the youth of this town sing that song together was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever seen. I know now why God put it on this teams heart! Wow. That's all I can say.

We also took part in a prayer march with Stanger Baptist Church. It was a march full of pretty mixed emotions. I enjoyed it, but some of the members overly zealous and it made the march a little uncomfortable, but our team was there to praise God. So that's what we did. I have never been on a prayer march before so it was interesting drawing so much attention to ourselves and the little girls we adorable with their posters and red shirts!

Today we went to a different church for the service. It was a bit hectic because we were told we needed to run the whole service just a half hour before it started.... But hey thats outreach for ya! It went good and the church actually blessed us with a love offering. We are so grateful for the people we have met. Wow. Tomorrow is our other day off and we are actually leaving this week! Crazy! We will be flying out Thursday morning bright and early to Swaziland! I am excited to see another YWAM base but I am going to miss Stanger! Two weeks wasn't long enough!

We sat as a team and read the blogs of people on other outreaches. It made me miss them soooo much! It breaks my heart that we will only be together for FIVE DAYS when we get back. BUT THAT'S ENOUGH!

God bless!

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